Video Support

Getting the best out of your Wolffepack®

A picture tells a thousand words, so here are some short videos that show how to enjoy the backpack and to experience its full functionality.

In them you may find the answer to your question or new ways to enjoy your Wolffepack® backpack.

1. Basic Demonstration

This short video shows the basics of the 5 step operation.

2. Interior Demonstration

This short video will give you a brief look at the inside of the Wolffepack®.

3. Features Tour

The Wolffepack® is packed with extra touches and features that enhance the experience. Take a quick tour.

4. Full Demonstration

This is a complete rundown of the operation in more detail, showing additional tips, tricks and techniques you can use.

5. Heavy Loads

If you find your load feels heavy to raise with one hand, this video will show you how to make it much easier.

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